ADR Taker

Looks like a superb new feature.

Will it be possible to “trigger” a second Nuendo that handles video playback?
I have a dedicated computer (mac mini) for video playback hooked up via MTC because OS X cannot handle more than one video screen at constant refresh rates from the internal graphics card.

Does Nuendo’s new ADR function support sending/receiving external triggers?


I know this might be a step too far…:

This new enhanced ADR-features seems great to me!

Until now I’m mostly used to record ADR in PT (with a precount from great MTC Video Slave), cause all those dialogeditors here create their takes in PT.
I get the takes as empty regiongroups which are renamed after the textlines, so I can select them in PT and have my record-range setted. All on one audiotrack for each character.

It would be great, if I could translate (AAF or AAT) this audiotracks into Nundo, and then:

!! have the feature to automatically build cycle-markers along all regions and name this markers after the names of those regions !!

This would allow the perfect integration of N6’s ADR-engine into a PT-environment…

I have the feeling that this can be done with the PLE, but not sure.


Fredo, do you also know the answer to my question?


Hello Ollie,

you can trigger video playback from a second computer synchronized to the first one.
But the swipes and count-in functions will only be available on that computer where the
spotting has been done (markers). The ADR functions are basically designed to be used
on one machine.


But!!! You can of course have the most tracks on the second synced computer, and have the video track and just the tracks you need for the ADR session on the computer you record ADR with swipes to.
Then the second computer will follow nice.


The problem I see for Mac users is that OS X cannot handle video out via a standard graphics card without dropped frames in a multi monitor setup.

It’s a limitation on OS level.
It’ll be interesting to see what Nuendo will do to face the problem.



Can the wipes and other graphic overlays be sent out through a Blackmagic card on mac?

Also, could these wipes be somehow saved (or left switched on) so that they could be used as cout downs in an orchestral recording session?


AFAIK, this should be possible. It does work on Windows, in both 64 and 32 bit.

Also, could these wipes be somehow saved (or left switched on) so that they could be used as cout downs in an orchestral recording session?

The wipes only work when the rehearse/record/review functions are used from within the ADR panel.
Which mean that the wipes are generated by, and to, the marker from which you start.
So it’s not like you can “program” wipes and that they will automatically pop up at the correct timecode/bar during normal playback or recording.

Hope I didn’t misunderstand the question.


Sigh. That’s a missed opportunity. I too was hoping for more general use of wipes.

Agreed, I was hoping to use it as a teleprompter during vocals takes, etc…

Digital Performer has punches, wipes and streamers as marker features. And it’s only $400 or so. Might be worth having around just for that feature since it’s about the same as one Nuendo upgrade.

Not as elegant as having that and ADR in one DAW but it’s an option.


DP came out with the ADR / conductor functions some time ago, one of our guys purchased it just for that. I’ve not done it myself but watching him it seems to work well.

I beg to differ. How many screens is that if so?

I have my mix cinema setup with one 30" and 1920x1080 for the projector. All driven by one graphics card.
Video is very good.


I’ve tried with various Macs on different versions of OS X. As soon as a second screen is attached the frame rate is inconsistent and picture judders/jumps.
Also I talked to the guys at figure 53, who have the streamers app for Mac and they basically confirmed the problem.

If it works with blackmagic cards it’s another story because the infinity pro plays video smooth as butter.

AFAIK PCs do not suffer from this probmem, but I’m not sure.


Which graphics card?
How large screens?

Do you run the video full screen or in a window?
If in a window make sure that the edges of the window never touches the border to the other screen.


I have tested this on the latest Mac Pro (AT Radeon 5770 with 1 GB Memory), the latest Quad Core Mac mini, three different Macbook Pros (2 Core 2 Duo and i7 models) always using unscaled full HD with Apple Pro Res or DNxHD codecs. All these machines suffer from the same problem.
I have tried USB and network midi timeocde with a second Nuendo chasing the master Nuendo.