ADR Workflow: 2 questions

After doing my first large ADR session I have 2 questions:

I had the ADR-Setup’s Record File Name Scheme so set up that all the files were recorded with Track Name, ID and Dialogue included in their file names, which turned out to be very handy in my Macs’ Finder. Nuendo automatically takes over the file names into the event’s Description, which is nice too.
After recording, I did a lot of comping. After comping I selected the comps in the tracks’ main lane and bounced them in order to be able to send them easily to the video-editor.
Though; when I selected the comps and pressed Bounce, I received 1 large audiofile with the track name (and a number) in the files’ name…

My questions: if I want the bounces to be resulted in an audio-file-per-ADR-cycle-marker (I recorded the session with Nuendo’s ADR-system based on cycle markers), including the attributes which I set in the ADR-Setup’s Record File Name Scheme, how should I do that when I have a 55 minute project with several ADR-tracks?

In short:

  1. How can I have Nuendo bounce my comps on a “per cycle-marker basis”?
  2. How can I have Nuendo name these bounces (I mean the actual resulting audio files, not the “description”) according to the ADR-Setup’s Record File Name Scheme?

Niek/ Amsterdam

Export -> Multichannel Export
Choose all dialog chanels.
Name schema ->for example:
Name (Project Name) - Cyclemarke-ID - Trackname
Name (Project Name) - Trackname - Cyclemarke-ID

Thanks Tim, but in your workflow I loose the attribute “Dialogue” in the resulting audiofiles-names, which I’d like to stay included. Nuendo’s naming scheme in the Export Audio Mixdown-Window allows for Cycle Marker Number and for Cycle Marker ID, but not for Cycle Marker Name (Description) , which I normally copy from “Dialogue” in the ADR Panel in the Marker List, in order to easily navigate to dialogue in the Marker Track.
Also, Exporting Mixdown renders the resulting audiofiles in the format of the bus where the selected tracks run through. In my case, my ADR tracks are all mono tracks with run through a LRC-summing bus before they go to the 5.1 “DIALOGUE”-stem. A LRC file is a useless format to include into the OMF which I’m sending to the video editor…another downmix is needed in order to convert it into mono, which is compatible with OMF.

I stick with the workflow I found myself in the meanwhile:

After comping:

  • select all @ “Comp Main Lane”
  • Render In Place (As Block Events/ Dry/ Short Tail, otherwise Nuendo won’t Render as Block Event)
  • Select all @ “Rendered Track”
  • Rename Objects (Remove Right Numbers/ Remove Right Non-Alfanumeric/ Appendix “COMPED”)

In order to have files quickly (and clearly labeled) transferred between video-editors and myself/ourselves, I think Nuendo’s ADR-functionality needs some improvement, especially in naming schemes for the rendered/comped events.

Niek/ Amsterdam

Hi Niek,
I am sorry. I guess till now you can’t include the dialog-text from the markers to any export function (export audio & render-in-place-export). Just the marker name. The files could get to long with the complete dialog. Hm, you could try to copy the markers to another marker track and name the cycle markers as the dialog. But I don’t know whether you can automate this.
When you export your files you can use the split function. So you get a lot of mono channels and can delete the not wanted.

Best regards, Tim

Thanks again Tim,
don’t feel sorry! I am very happy with fellow-users sharing their workflows!

Nuendo includes the Dialogue attribute while recording, with settings from the ADR’s Setup/ General/ Record Naming Scheme, and Nuendo abbreviates the lines very smartly.
Splitting the exported files into mono is something I didn’t think of…great tip.

Niek/ Amsterdam.