Re-mixed and re-mastered.
Lead guitar by Steve Fogal (aka ZapAxe).


nice job and a good tune…liked the structure and chording.

just a note: a short piano solo between guitar solos might be a good way to create a greater contrast (playing off of each other). you did some of it while the guitar solos were in progress…however job well done!

I reckon this is excellent but a bit too long, production sounds bloody good on my system, played it real loud…just great…still struggling to get this clarity in my mixes :frowning:

keep the quality coming mate…Kevin

I think the mix sounds really good. The drums came out particularly well. Also good to hear Steve’s playing.

Thanks Guys. :slight_smile: I have time on my hands while doing the post-surgery recovery thing so I’ve been filling the time with a lot of remxing. It’s been quite revealing particularly with older stuff, to hear them with now with new sounds applied with what I hope is a more mature skill-set :sunglasses:

I hope you’re recovering alright Ian, good to see you’re back on at least.

Yeah, well-mixed as usual and quite enjoyed listening. I wasn’t keen on the piano sound though, some of the notes are hit very harshly dynamically which I don’t think sounds good nor appropriate. Some notes sound like the pianist would be trying to strike the notes as hard as possible (or close to) and considering it’s a nice laid back vibe seems odd. I do like the laid back vibe though, quite easy listening.

I was really enjoying the guitar playing, tone satisfying and performance to a high standard. Though the lead guitar did start to lose my interest at 1:43, but overall sounds really great both in performance and the sound. I think my preference would be to have a defined and catchy melodic section with solo/improvised parts between. I personally find it hard to get into music without distinct melodies to follow. I think that’s why I specific songs of yours more than others.

Nevertheless, still great stuff from you and this Steve too. Can’t find the thumbs up smiley to the right? ;/ I guess metal hand \m/ and :smiling_imp: will have to suffice, mwahaha.

Good production as usual .Nice playing Steve.