Advanced Arranger

Make the Arranger as in Studio One so that the Arranger track will glue all the clips and automation and drag it with the mouse where it suits you) it seems very useful to me

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Check out the Group function.

I thought one could just use the range tool as a substitute. Ctrl + Shift + Left Click will select all on the vertical, but…

  1. If you use a a Divided Track List only one of the two section will get selected and
  2. You have to be very careful where you put the mouse cursor when you start to drag the range to somewhere else as you might lose parts.

I don’t like the Range Tool. It’s far too bug ridden for my taste.

That’s a serious bug right here ! :point_up:

Moving works correctly when the mouse cursor is on following tracks when you press LMB:
Tempo, Marks, Arranger, MIDI 01 & 02.
It is buggy when the mouse cursor is on track Input/Output Channels or no track.

I haven’t tried other tracks.


shared folder on all tools is a good method Thanks

If you are not depending on the functionality of the arranger track you can also look into Cycle Markers.
You would double click on the cycle marker event to set the Left/Rigth locators there. Then you could use a little macro like this to simulate the range tool: