Advanced cubase installation?

Hello all.
I am soon reinstalling my pc since iv got a SSd to use as system drive.
Mys system will then have 3 hdd
System 128gb SSS
Samples 300gb velociraptor
Files 1tb wd caviar black
Now here are some questions.
Before i install is there anything or any way to force cubase to install the plugins to another folder then the specified in the installer? Let’s say I want all my plugging in documents and settins /vst plugins
And can I tell the installer to install the steinberg (halion…) samples to the sample hdd?
Where do you guys have all tour plugins?

Plugins which are just dll files might as well go in the default place. They aren’t big, and then Cubase will know where to find them. Plugins that have large sample libraries invariably give you the option while installing of where to put them (though the controller dll will still go in the default location.)


yes, you can tell the installer where yuo want the files. You have this option at the bottom left at one of the first screens during the installation