Advanced Generic Remote Features

Hello everyone. I’ve been trying to utilize Cubase’s Generic Remote capabilities over the last few days, in order to setup my midi controller pads to different shortucts and commands ( metronome on/off, navigation buttons, etc. ).

I found out that most of the possible commands that I can choose to control can be found under the File-Key Commands Section, but I couldn’t find there some commands and functions that want. So I have some questions regarding a couple of more… advanced settings.

Question 1: Is it possible to utilise a pad ( or a note, generally a CC signal ) as a modifier button? My main interest is to be able to use a pad as the alt, shift or control button in my pc, so I can have all the shortucts I use with the arrows and the mouse button when I use my keyboard.
More specifically, I want to be able to use the control+click and drag to duplicate audio tracks, or the shift + click in the bottom of a selected midi part in the midi editor, in order to duplicate it across a selected range.

Question 2: Is it possible to crate a macro that creates an instrument track, and then loads a specific instrument - or search and load a specific track preset? I want to be able to create tracks with the instruments I use a a lot by hitting a pad in the midi controller.

Question 3: Is it possible to rearrange the Generic Remote commands I use in the Generic Remote Editor? When I create a new one, it goes down the bottom, and when I decide to change something ( let’s say, the assigned CC number ), I have to search in a mess to find it. Is there a way to sort them out by name, or simply drag and drop them?

My system is Windows 8.1 and I run Cubase Artist 8.

Afraid not. But if there’s an event on the track you can drag it below the lowest track (or to the other track list if you’re using the divided track list) and you’ll get a duplicate track.

There is Add Track From Track Preset. The command opens a MediaBay browser where you can search for your track preset.

No to this too. The Generic Remote had gotten a bit long in the tooth. I’m hoping for upgrades to it, but it’s been a long while since there have been UI enhancements there.

That’s sad… ( refering to no.1 and no.3 ). When it comes to the track preset, I was hoping to be able to avoid the track preset search, and instead prompt Cubase to search for the selected Vst ( or track preset ) and load it onto an instrument track automatically, but judging from your answers, I think I’m asking for much…

Thanks for the answer, I really apreciate it :slight_smile:

Yes, it seems very archaic to set up compared to the likes of iC Pro.

Conversely, iC Pro does not seem to do basic remote things like just be an 8-channel bank of the mixer, which would allow multiple touch devices to be used side-by-side instead of a mixconsole.

Not through the GUI, but (correct me if I’m wrong --) I believe you can manually reorder them if you Export the settings as XML, and edit the XML file in a text editor (be careful - save a backup obviously) and then re-import the XML file.

NO! Use XML Notepad 2007 from Microsoft, which is still one of the simplest and easiest XML editors to use, and includes drag&drop of nodes.

XML files are highly structured text files, so using a plain text editor is NOT recommended, as a character in the wrong place can break it so that it cannot be read. XML editors always maintain the structural integrity.

XML itself is pretty simple, but a lot of the add-on technologies around it, like XSL transforms and schemas, make it a lot more complicated. A lot of editors around are built for the worst, so seem very unwieldy if you only want to edit a couple of nodes in an XML file. Not so XML Notepad, which I have used since the late 1990s.