Advanced meta data input and output

Hi there, I’m once again trying to move all my mastering into one DAW.

My current log jam with Wavelab is that I can’t simply copy paste and entire archive of meta data like track name or artist from a spreadsheet or list into Wavelab like I can in Hofa.

Is it really only possible to copy paste every single track of say… a massive archive which is one list of small songs one by one by clicking next > field > copy paste in.

In Hofa you can import from clipboard and Excel, as well as output to clipboard and Excel.

An important part of my workflow is being able to tightly move meta data around and have it completely free of user error or additional time spent copy pasting.

Furthermore is it possible to do bulk exports i.e. DDP, Wav 16, Wav 24 and MP3 320? and do the Wavs contain the meta data chunk which will appear in Windows and travel thru to other programs with the simple Wav single file?

Thanks in advance!


DDP needs to be done on its own, but Wav 16, Wav 24 and MP3 320 can be done in one operation thanks to the multi file format output option.

Not sure what you mean here. But meta data is embedded inside the wav file, using various standards you have to chose from.

It’s all easily and quickly done. WaveLab Pro is your friend though. Elements it too limited for professional use, which is why it’s not called WaveLab Pro.

I have methods for quickly getting the proper titles loaded in and pushed to all rendered formats. I dislike working slowly or doing things more than once, and WaveLab works well for me. I enter the info once, it goes everywhere from CD-Text, to metadata, to file names, with a nice optional file naming scheme to add a numeric prefix and other custom text to the rendered file names if you want to.

I’m not 100% sure if you can use an Excel sheet or CSV file to help populate some of the initial info. If not, it would be a good feature but as mentioned, I’m doing very speedy work without relying on importing from an Excel sheet or CSV.

WaveLab isn’t as dead simple as HOFA, but it’s capable of everything you’d need if you spend some time with it and use the Pro version. Plus, unlike HOFA, WaveLab actually gets updates :slight_smile:

I don’t care for multi-format rendering in one-click because you don’t appear to have control of the dither settings (maybe I’m wrong), but I’ve also made quick work of rendering any and all formats from hi-res down to reference mp3. Vinyl & Cassette sides with accurate PDFs for each side are super easy.

Rather than multi-format rendering, I prefer the Customized Montage Duplicate approach because you have much more control and supervision over the details involved with rendering files of different sample rates and bit-depths. Lock in the main processing with one long render, and all subsequent renders go SUPER fast because the plugins are already processed, aside from dither.

It’s still very fast, but not one-click which I find to be a bit of a lazy request. There are too many fine details requiring human attention to spit out all formats in one-click.

I do believe in the concept of assembling and entering data one time, and having that apply to all formats.