Advanced metronome settings in Cubase 8


Am I right in assuming that Cubase 8 doesn’t offer any control over how the metronome play back signatures like 5/8 and 6/8?
I would like to have a 6/8 signature played back as a 2 beat rhythm like in Marches and so on.
It’s possible in DP but not in Cubase 8 right?


Yes, you are right, there is no way to set, how should be the metronome interpreted. I agree, DP is very powerfull in this area.

If I need to, I’m uing dedicated track, as metronome (click) settings - already prepared as a MIDI file (pattern), and stored in MediaBay.

I will try your suggestion. Thanks a lot.

+1 as I lost my metronome functionality totally, I’m forced to work like this.