Advanced MIDI tutorial choice

Looking at paying for some tutorials for advanced MIDI. Is this the most up to date set of vids on Cubase 7?

I don’t know if they are the most up to date or not, I’m new to Cubase myself. But I have watched several of the Cubase videos at that site, including the Advanced Midi series and they are very helpful. I don’t think you’d regret it.


Thanks, I’ll give it a try then

MIDI functionality has not changed to much in Cubase over the past few releases, (there might be a few new VST3 tricks) but a Cubase 7 MIDI tutorial should cover a lot of ground.

Groove3 has a decent catalog of Cubase Tutorials including one on MIDI.

But you should be able to gather a good bit of free info by searching YouTube. All of the reputable Music Production Tutorial sites put free content out on YouTube, Producers and Cubase Users do as well. Some are good, others well, it’s free so you’ll get what you pay for.