Advanced playback options for sus cym rolls?

I am using Dorico w/ a large 3rd party template of sound libraries managed in Vienna Ensemble Pro.

For percussion, I’m using Orchestral Tools’ Berlin Percussion. Their sus cymbal rolls have several different options, mapped to different parts of the keyboard (generally the difference is in the speed of the roll’s crescendo).

I have tried creating additional playing techniques, such as “fast roll” and “long roll,” but in performance, it seems that only “roll” achieves the desired result of letting the sample perform the roll, rather than continuously retriggering the note. I’m also wondering if it’s possible to access these different types of rolls without having to attach an articulation to each one in order to differentiate (or a different notehead). I’d like, for instance, to be able to toggle through the 3 or 4 different kinds of rolls I have available to me on any note that has the roll tremolo attached.

You’ll certainly need to use different playback techniques to trigger different rolls, mapped appropriately in the percussion map (so Dorico knows which MIDI note to trigger for each one), and then mapped to appropriate noteheads in the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog.

Thanks Daniel.

I believe I’ve done all the mapping right. But are you saying each roll would need to have a different notehead? Is there a way around that, as it’s certainly not how I’d want them to look in the score?

Also when I used any of the roll techniques I created myself in playing techniques (when setting up the percussion map, and then managing the percussion playing techniques) such as “medium roll” or “long roll” it just didn’t work - Dorico saw the trems and repeated the note, as if it weren’t a triggered sample sound.

Unfortunately you cannot, at present, override the tremolos that you have on the rolls or for that matter on any instrument. If you want to have the flexibility to choose one of several different rolls and you have set up the playing techniques properly for them, you will have to suppress the note with the trem on it, create a staff below which you will later hide/remove. Use the note on this extra staff to put your playing technique on…because you don’t have the trem on this note, it should playback your specific sampled rolls. I am hoping that at some point Dorico will allow us to suppress tremolos. You certainly don’t need to use different note heads.

Ok - got it - and appreciated!