Advanced quantize question!

Hi folks,

I’ve got a question about groove templates and quantize, it’s probably best explained with an example.

Say i have a 4 bar drum loop from a real drummer that includes a funky, swung 16th note hi-hat pattern.

So in those 4 bars there’ll be an average amount of swing, but of course each individual 16th note will have a slightly different amount of swing, because the drummer isn’t a robot!

Imagine now i record a 4 bar shaker 16th note part myself, and say (for the sake of argument) that i want to quantize that shaker part to have the exact same groove as the drum loop. But i don’t mean to have the same amount of average swing, i mean to have the EXACT quantize of the drum loop on each 16th note in the 4 bar sequence.

Is this something that can be achieved in Cubase? And if so how?

Many thanks!.. J

See Martin’s post on this thread: