Advanced quantizing for live playing

I like to do long improvisations which can last an hour. I also like to quantize. I set the level to 16th notes which I think is common for most people. It works really well except for one incredibly annoying thing; I sometimes like to throw in some quarter note triplets. Now the triplets are going to be way off and I don’t even remember where they were or if those notes were even intended to be triplets once quantized. Finding them all in a piece that long and quantizing notes separately takes me hours. I wish for automatic triplet detection. This would require AI of some sort I suppose and I don’t know if there’s a Steinberg engineer who knows anything about AI (seems there is not). I love everything else about Cubase/Nuendo. This is one issue that is really important to me. Am I the only out here who needs this? Please help!

The tempo track and quantize should have AI and they should be combined into one Window because they are both related to timing.


Setup your quantise properly (before you apply it), please.

  • Add a MIDI Track, and add a simple rhythm, which would include the 16th notes + the triplets notes.
  • Open Quantize Panel and drag and drop the MIDI Part over to the grid of the Quantize Panel.

This creates your custom Quantize preset, which would include the 16th + the triplets. Now, use this preset to quantize your original MIDI Part (improvisation).