Advanced Question For Greg Ondo [SOLVED]

Hi Guys,
it appears that my question to the forum ( seems to be a little advanced :nerd: as I have not received any replies… which is fair enough. Superior Drummer 3 is fairly new and has a learning curve. So, I was thinking, this would be a great question for Greg Ondo, who hosts the Cubase YouTube channel. If Greg takes it on, then, everyone here can benefit. If not now, maybe in the future. :wink:

Does anyone know where I can get Greg’s email address from? I have asked Support here but I didn’t get a reply either! :blush:

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If the original question included some basic info you may have more chance of getting an answer.

You haven’t said if you are managing to create the mono channel (I guess this is working ok?) and you haven’t said what process you use to create the files that are coming out as stereo.

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Hhhmm, I thought the last line was quite clear:

Even though I follow along, I cannot reliably get the Snare, Hi-hat and Kick drum to be a mono file. I have to manually convert them, which can be a pain.

The process I use is the Superior Drummer 3 Bounce function. But before you do that you have to set up the mixer according to the Advanced tab instructions which I included in the screen shot. Sorry, I thought is was reasonably clear. The whole process is a little flaky that is why I’m unsure if this is a Cubase issue or a SD3 issue. Usually, from my experience, you can get Cubase to workaround an issue if you have enough information.

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Well as a non SD user I didn’t even realise it had an internal bounce function and your link required a password so didn’t tell me anything.
So if you use this internal bounce rather than Cubase own render options surely the issue is with SD rather than Cubase?

The link would show you the same section as the screen shot I attached.

You would think it is with SD3… However, as the screen show shows, there is an option specifically for Cubase to render to mono… but it doesn’t seem to. For example, I get a stereo looking file but with one channel much larger than the other but it still seems panned to one side. I get around this with the stock MonoToStereo plugin.

That is why I thought Greg Ondo (or another) Cubase Guru could shed some light on this. I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can with Cubase before I contact Toontrack support.

BTW Does anyone know Greg Ondo’s email?

Thanks for reading.

Have you posted this question in the Toontrack forum? Scott, a Toontrack representative is very responsive and knowledgable with SD3.

I keep thinking I’m going to try the Cubase feature…one of these days. But with SD3, after a year, I’m still caught up in its other excellent features.

It is a Toontrack feature of a Toontrack product. You should be talking to Toontrack sooner rather than later.
Quite possibly Steinberg is unaware, doesn’t care, or even is outrightly against the feature since SD3 is competition for GA.

Toontrack is who got the money for this feature, and they are the ones who stand to gain the most for helping people use it. So its most likely that Toontrack will be willing to devote support resources to your question or issue.

Nevertheless, have you tried sending Greg a P.M. They may be reluctant to give out direct email addresses…

thanks Jaslan.

Food for thought :sunglasses: :wink:


I’m loving this thread

Hi guys,
I got a response from Greg. :nerd:
Greg referred me to this video which I have watched before… and followed. But the results were inconsistent as I have already mentioned. :confused: But this time I unchecked the Cubase Only box. Essentially, if you want to get mono tracks for your Superior Drummer 3 drums follow the video and just replace the reference to GA with SD3 and you’re golden. :sunglasses: :smiley:

I hope this helps someone out :smiley: