Advanced routing question /w control room setup

My current output/control room set up:

  • Main mix outputs L/R from Cubase = plugged into Line output 1/2 on my interface = “Not selected” in the outputs tab = studio monitors in the control room

  • Main mixing headphones = plugged into headphones output 1 = mix 2 monitors in control room

  • Vocal earbuds for vocal takes = plugged into headphones output 2 = mix 3 monitors in control room

  • A single Avantone mono speaker = plugged into Line output 3 on my interface = mix 4 monitor in control room

^The above works like a charm. No complaints there.

But, what I’d like to do now is that I have a piece of outboard gear that I want to use for processing. I want to route a line level signal out of the open Line output 4 on my interface (or 5, 6, 7, or 8, whichever one will work to be honest…) Then I want to route that signal back into my DAW to record the effects on my Line input channels 1/2.

BUT, I can’t get it to work…I have a 1/4" TRS balanced cable routed out of interface Line output 4 into my Line input on my outboard gear. I then create an output connection for Line output 4 in Cubase in the Outputs tab. Then I take my audio track, change it’s output to Line output 4. But, I can’t get a signal to my interface.

Any thoughts? Is my problem maybe stemming from DPSmix? FWIW, the interface is a Steinberg UR824, and the outboard gear I’m trying to route to is a TC Helicon Voicelive rack.


hi Syle

what you are doing sounds totally correct. To debug it and work out what is going wrong you need to break it down into smaller steps.

Is the external effect getting the signal ok ?
is Line input 4 getting a signal if you plug something else directly in.

etc…then you can narrow down where the chain is ‘breaking’

There is another (better) way to do this: