Advantages of two SSDs

Hi all,
Back in the old days, there was some logic to having Windows installed on one HD (system drive) and Cubase/programs/samples etc on another. My question is: does that still stand with SSDs? I have a new 250Gb Samsung 850 EVO. Should I just put everything onto that, or would there be any sense in installing Cubase/HALion/VSTi’s on a separate OCZ SSD that I have leaving Windows 10 and other stuff on the Samsung?




As far as I know, it’s best to install Cubase on the system (OS) drive, libraries on a second drive and projects on a third drive.
I’ve been doing that for years and it has worked flawlessly.

I would suggest having W10 and programs on the OCZ, as you only need a maximum of a 120GB drive for that.

However, if you do the default Cubase installation, it will install 10+GB of Halion samples on the OS drive. You will need to select your libraries drive as the destination for that.

If you have already installed it all, unless someone knows how to redirect the live installation of Halion to point to another drive, you will have to uninstall just Halion, and then reinstall just it to the drive where you want it.

I run 3 SSD’s see below !

Works great

Hi mbr,
So you simply have Cubase saved onto the same physical drive as your OS. All of the VST Sound Libraries are on that drive too??


If I may ‘answer’ here:

The executables for Cubase, VST FX, and the sample library engines (.dll), like EW’s Play, are usually installed on the OS drive. The latter are loaded along with a project, so not [really] time critical.

In short, no. The sound files themselves need to be on the separate drive to the OS, because blocks of them are ad-hoc loaded as required during playing.

Yes on my OS drive SSD I run only Cubase and Altiverb and Waves/Soundtoys

I record to a second SSD which I keep always less half full.

I stream all my VST ( Libraries ) from a third SSD like EWQLSO ( almost all of them ) and Omnisphere 2, Kontakt, Ivory II and many others.

Works great. I run as many as 300 stereo audio tracks at 96kHz/32 and more than a 100 midi ( VST’s ) easely.

However I do not use any of Cubase pluginns/effects whatsoever - only UAD 2 and Waves and Soundtoys.

You can redirect them pretty easily. Find the *.vstsound files on your system disk. Then move (not copy) them to wherever you want them to permanently live. Then select all the files you just moved and right drag them back to their original folder, but instead of moving or copying them create shortcuts. Now Halion will find the shortcuts where it expects the content to be - and it’s fine using them to get to the actual content.

I discovered how to do this from this forum when my SSD started getting dangerously low.

I don’t bother with the “Cubase on separate drive”. Programs and most plugins goes into default locations (i.e. typically somewhere on C:) and sample libraries on other media (e.g. M:) drives. Some plugins have huge libraries and needs to be placed on a “media” drive, no problem. I also have separate drives (e.g. P:) for Cubase projects in progress.

This separation is appealing (to me anyways) for several reasons, the primary being logistics. Reinstallation or crashes are not a problem anymore, not that they happen much anymore, but electronics do fail at some point. The speed difference I cannot really speak about, since I have not made any comparisons between have all on one SSD versus this way of maintaining installations. It IS nevertheless fast (and easier to maintain).

SSDs will always be faster, one of the Samsung SSD drives I have is EVO, nothing bad to say so far. Here are a few of advice