This is my first completed song in about… four months :open_mouth:
I decided to try something new this time. The link below is to an “almost finished” version… what isn’t finished about it? I have no idea. You tell me :wink:

Adventurous (Dropbox Link)

Let me know what you think!

(EDIT I decided to post it, but I would still love any thoughts you might have :wink: )

Some beautiful sounds in this piece and really nice arrangement and your usual “uplifting feel”.
sadly though, there is no real theme/tune to grab hold of…seems to drift around a bit…albeit rather beautifuly.
you’ve set a high bar for yourself with your other tracks…it just gets tougher.
so maybe you feel it aint finished because it needs a main “tune” so to speak.

well done Ethan…Kevin

Yeah that is too true. Actually, when I first started with this song it was built around a vocal I had snagged from a song, but I realized pretty early on that they wouldn’t really work because the music was much too busy to just throw something as large as that on top… So instead of keeping the vocals in the already crowded mix I just decided to leave them out, with the consequence of a more theme-less tune. Thanks for pointing that out though, I didn’t totally realize it myself until now. :wink:

Nice indeed. The only thing not finished with this song is me. I’m not finished listening to this one yet, gonna have to play it a few more times!

The arrangement is much more unified than Mansion which is a big step up in that area. Mix sounds really nice to me and did I hear another WahPony solo or was that someone else?

Thanks for the encouraging words Blake :slight_smile:

That was actually me with a midi keyboard, using one of the great guitar samples within HALion.

It’s interesting – I listened before I read other comments, and I was just about to write almost exactly what Kevin said. It’s a good start. Do what Kevin says! Always like your stuff.

I hate having to be brief (as you probably know ;D ) but time is short these days. the intro is nice. I do like the chords. However, I’m really feeling like they are a little too similar to previous pieces at some parts; same for the triplet arpeggios. I think the format is fine and there are changes in dynamics/layering which does give it a little more life to the piece. The strings aren’t very prominent, but they are much better than previous pieces and work well enough with the synths.

I think the main melody should be a focus from the beginning (or after the little intro) so that the theme is stated early on and it’ll then be stronger when returning to it. I also really dislike when arpeggios are featured so prominently at parts such as just after the intro. I’d have them much further in the background as colour and have the main melody that appears near the end there in place. Remember you can always shape it dynamically and with layers of different sounds/instruments to give a bit of a bigger/stronger ending.

The overall vibe, combination of sounds and mix are nice anyway, like an old school adventure kind of videogame.