Advertised Wavelab Elements features Not Available/Missing

Hi All,

Im hoping that by writing here there will be some resolution to this issue, not sure if its a normal to have these limitations on Elements 11. But I am not able to use what is advertised on the steinberg site. As a new Wavelab customer I feel unhappy about purchasing and then finding out that this has been going unnoticed for so long. It would seem to be clear false advertising on the version comparison chart on steinberg’s Site, or there are features that should not be limited in Elements but are.

After encountering the issue I obviously started to search around, and to my disappointment, I see that there was a previous post pointing this out back in MARCH, and the issue is STILL not corrected on the comparison chart. Am I reading the chart wrong or what is going on???

Steinberg Forum Link - /t/why-am-i-limited-to-2-clip-fx-on-wavelab-elements-11/775151)

Issue 1: Clip inserts are limited to 2 inserts per clip → Advertised Maximum # of Clip Inserts PER CLIP: 8

I cant load more than 2 on the clip inserts, I also cant load more than 2 on the Master effects list (advertised as being allowed 8 in Elements)

Issue 2: Cant find or access EBU Compliant loudness meter → Advertised: INCLUDES FULL
-Can anyone help me to access this meter? Or is this another feature listed as included which is not there?

Can anyone help explain this? After finding all this out, I wonder - how many features are inaccurately listed, and what did I actually pay for?

Any light on this would be appreciated

Wavelab False Advertising

You are right, the table has these two mistakes.

Hi PG1

Thanks for taking a look and replying to confirm. I did however point out at least 3 errors, not only 2.

Is it normal that this was brought up back in March and is still not fixed on the web comparison chart? I only bought this software due to the promised feature-set seemingly being enough for my use case.

I am sure there must be more discrepancies if I found 3 in just a quick session. Will these limitations be corrected to reflect what is advertised at any point?

Pretty disappointing to find out I’m essentially forced to upgrade to PRO If I want to have any possible use case for WL. Do I have any other options available to me?


The number of clip plugin will be augmented to 8 in the next minor update (1st quarter 2023).
But the Loudness Meter is a mistake from the table and won’t be included.

Alright, so a change is planned for within the next few months, Can you comment on the limit to the Master insert slots? Will this also be increased from 2 to 8 as indicated on the chart?


You can already add 8 slots to the Master Section. Try it.