Advice for Drum Copy and Paste Please

Some noob questions.

I’m running Cubase LE AI 8 that came free with KA6.

OK, I know this guy in the Video is using Cubase 5, but I couldn’t find a Cubase 8 video for the specific thing I am looking for and I figured it might be possible on my version of Cubase.

I’m trying to do what this guy on the video is doing at 9:03, I can “drag and highlight” the same as he is doing, but the part where he uses the scissor icon to “move” the notes(drums) it won’t happen on mine, I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or maybe it doesn’t work like this on Cubase LE AI 8?

Also at 3:34 on this vid, the guy goes way too fast to show how he copies and pastes this percussion part, I’ve tried to watch close but when I try I’m not successful. What is the Duplicate Function he also mentions, where is it?

Could someone please also explain why all the Cubase vids I watch, all the “Bars” on the project screen are numbered 1,2,3,4,5 etc, whereas mine go up in odd numbers eg: 1,3,5,7,9?

Any help appreciated, thank you.


To Copy (Duplicate) selected events instead of move, hold down the Alt modifier on your computer keyboard, while moving, please. This is the Duplicate function. You can also call it from menu, or use Ctrl+D Key Command.

Ahh, success, thank you Martin.