advice for forgetting dongle, can i use demo?

hello im sure im not the first or last but ive left the dongle at the studio and cant get back till tommoro and i need to edit tonight if I dont i loose clients. can i download the demo, install, open my project and edit in that, save, then just unistall demo and open back up in cubase once ive got the dongle back?

its cubase 9 i have full boxed and im dl 9.5 demo 30 day trial i have the code for it in my email now after requesting it

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got the demo, added the demo code, e licenser loads says no usb e licence connected to computer please connect a USB e licenser, and theres no other option other than cancel

Sure - as you can see on the trial page, the Pro trial also requires a USB elicenser. Elements version works with soft eLicenser.

Ok thanks I’ll remember this next time. I had the night off from it and ill do what I need to do today it’s no big deal but good to know in the future elements will work

Or simply buy an empty backup USB elicenser