Advice in adding a staff

I’m transcribing an opera in which the cellos and basses share the same part and I have the staff labelled with Vc. + Cb. listed vertically before the staff. I just noticed, however, that that they are divisi for a section. At the moment I can’t add an extra staff because the staff is a section player. I suppose I could add a solo cello staff, rename it, then copy all the music I’ve already entered onto it, delete the section cello staff and then add the extra staff. Or would it be possible (and advisable) to have two staves throughout and condense them when they are playing the same part? In either case, how does one alter the staff labelling from Vc. + Cb. vertically to Vc. and Cb. on two different staves?

If you use a divisi (and control who plays what via voices assigned to whatever in the VST) you should be able to label the resulting staves any way you want.

Thanks, Derrek. First time I’d used that function. Works like a charm!