Advice needed: avoiding horizontal and vertical monotony?

Dorico does a splendid job at spacing - looking for some creative ways to avoid what’s in the pic. - even putting in System breaks and Note Spacing changes yields similar results. thx

I guess there is not too much room for creating optical variety. The source material is just very repetitive - but not repetitive enough to throw in some 1-bar repeats or the like…

Looking forward to other people having more creative ideas then me :wink:

  1. You might get away with changing note spacing to get five bars per system (odd numbers break up the 4-bar phrase structure)
  2. You could add an occasional cue
  3. Or you could add some textual annotations.

It’s a common problem for orchestral players. One of my favourite worst examples is the Viola part of Sibelius 5 (eg letter K! but there are many other pages)


thank you - the alternating odd number of bars per line was what i was overlooking - :melting_face:

I think this is easiest:


In one line, grab all the handles for the second half of the system and press Alt-left arrow a few times. Then in the next line, do the same for the first half of the system. Alternate these. Quick and easy way to avoid identical system spacing.