Advice needed for large number of SVG exports

I’m looking for advice or ideas I may not have thought of.

I’ve designed a rather large educational course with approximately 1250 short exercises. Each of these exercises will be exported as SVGs to be placed within an app. Most of them will be a single “page” (corresponding to an iPhone screen), But some exercises might stretch to two pages.

At face value I know what to do, but for so many exports, I want to think about efficiency and file organization. Based on Dorico’s current functionality regarding exports, does anyone have any ideas for how I might efficiently accomplish this?

If the vast majority will be single-pages, using graphics file export in Print mode with the token for page number (ie exercise number, provided those line up) included in the file name should work quite well.

You could have a 2nd layout for those exercises that don’t fit on one page, or need different dimensions than set for the 1st layout. Then export in the same way - that layout will have a different name, which can be included in the exported file name.