Advice needed for tracking down bad VST that cause crashes

Hello all:
I posted a topic about the sampler track crashing while loading a sample and found the culprit. But which one? When I disable all 3rd party vst’s, everything in cube11 works as it should. As a side note, I’ve been using cube10 all afternoon and with no problems at all with my plugins and sample track. When I enable them, the sample track in 11, the song has no wave data at all and while loading a sample, crashes the program. I only really have NI complete so I guess I’m asking for a trouble shooting method since I’ve never needed to do this before. Thanks as always!
Windows pro 64, cube11 pro with update, NI complete 11, HP pc with intel quad 4.7 and uphoria interface.


Attach the *.dmp file, please. Maybe we will see, where did Cubase crash.

You can remove half of your plug-ins from the folder and start Cubase. Repeat the steps to reproduce the crash. If it crashes, one of the remaining plug-ins is the one. If it doesn’t crash, one of the removed plug-ins is the one. Then take half of the plug-ins (where the faulty one is), remove it. This is the fastest way, how to come to the one, if you don’t know, which one it is.

Thank you very much, Martin. I’ll try this later on today and report back!

I’ve found the problem to be my NI plugins folder, 32 and 64 bit folders that cubase did not like. Once I removed the plugin path, everything works well. Thank you very much for your suggestions!