Advice Needed:Mackie Universal vs. BCF2000

Hey folks.

I recently upgraded to cubase 6.

used to be on cubase studio 4 before that. Mostly personal use fo rmy old band, with a few projects for family etc…

Was in school last 2 years, so I neglected stuff a bit.
Now I want to take it more seriously. Try and get some work etc…

I have the following 2 options ( I currently have no control interface other than mouse and keyboard).

Mackie Control Universal (not pro) for 350$
Behringer bcf2000 for 135$

I am aware of benefits of Mackie over the bcf2000 in terms of quality, primarily quieter , better interface and display)

I have experience using the MCU and know I could easily adapt to the bcf2000… still…what should I do?

I know the situation is my own ,and I have to make the decision, but any advice , insight, or oppinion is appreciated. Cheers

As you’ve already noted: decision between quality and price. Up to you, which way you want to go. However, as the control surface is not in the audio path and thus don’t generally have effect on your final product: the music, I would say: go for B-crap! Hey! You could almost buy 3 of them with a price of single M-unit.

The Mackie Control has 2 huge differences: TOUCH faders and LCD readout.

+1 on the MCU thingies. I have a MCU, a couple extenders and love them. Couldn’t mix without them… well I could, but will not! :mrgreen:

Well, i went with the bcf2000.

Gentlemen selling went offered it for 115$.

At this stage of the game it’ll provide what I need etc…

I do look forward to one day having a more “intuitive” mixing console with the right details ( i still think even the current control surfaces are not all they could be, i’m sure i’m not alone).

Now you’ve got the bcf2000, download ‘BCF View’ from the Behringer site (if you haven’t got it already) and enjoy a Mackie-like LCD display on your monitor from the bcf2000.