Advice needed on KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE purchase

Hi Guys,
After spending the last month reviewing a lot of the sample libraries out there by online videos and demos, I decided to start my journey into this world by buying NI KOMPLETE Ultimate edition today with a S25 keyboard. I didn’t really need another keyboard as the Nektar Panorama which I bought to use with Reason a couple of years ago, still has mileage for using with another new purchase Cubase Pro 9.5, but the price difference means if it doesn’t add anything to the NI setup, I’ll probably end up selling it.

I replaced my computer (a touchscreen i5 with 8Gb Ram) for a HP Z800 with 64Gb Ram. I’ve now got two 250Gb SSD (one with Win 10 and programs) and one I intend to use for samples. I also have two 2Tb SATA drives for long term storage (completed projects etc.)

The question is:

Once KOMPLETE arrives, I intend to upgrade to The Symphonic Series from the ‘Essentials’ (another £479 I think) as the difference between Essentials seems worthwhile. Should I be thinking of dedicating the 250Gb SSD just to the samples of the Symphonic Series library and putting the rest of KOMPLETE on a partition on the SATA drive? (that is presuming this is possible to run this way).

I also fancy Spitfire’s ‘Bernard Herrman’ library but want to see how I get on with Symphonic Series first.

Any other recommendations?


You’re on the Dorico forum. While there are many people who may have experience with NI KOMPLETE etc., you may have (significantly) more luck on the VST Instruments, Virtual Effects Plug-ins and Add-ons forum here:

Thanks, I’ll have a look.

Fill your SSD(s) with whatever you’re most likely to use the most and/or will be part of your standard template(s) - this will be most beneficial to your startup times.