Advice needed on mixing multi-part MIDI

Hi. I have this brass section done in MIDI to the HSSE: two Trumpets (Chs 1 & 2) and a Tuba (Ch 3). For most of the song there is no issue as there’s just a single line of each instrument but towards the end various parts from earlier start to come in one over the other. Each pair of parts is on Chs 1 & 2. For the purposes of this we can ignore the tuba on Ch 3.

At which point I lose control of my levels.

I’m a bit confused how to use the MIDI faders, I think. I know they’re to do with volume but each seems to affect all other instruments on that channel (logically enough). I don’t really want to set up duplicate instruments just for this and I’m reluctant to print the audio (yet).

I’ve also noticed that once I move the faders I can’t get them to go back to OFF and get the default level coming through, as it had been previously (I had a previous issue with this, in case this sounds familiar to anyone). MIDI Reset doesn’t do it.

Short of printing the audio, has anyone any experience thay can share? As you can probably tell, I’m not too full of understanding about MIDI, so don’t worry about being a bit patronising.

I haven’t taken a proper look at HSSE yet, but my guess is that the midi fader sends midi volume to the master output of HSSE and as such controls all 3 instruments simultaneously. I didn’t check, but I expect HSSE to have an internal mixer where you can define the levels of the separate channels.
I agree that it would be a better implementation if the midi faders controlled just the instrument on their channel though.

-edit- I just found this, you can try that as well:

Thanks for the suggestions and link.

I think, from messing around, that the MIDI Channel faders are just for the channel and don’t affect the internals of the HSSE, just what is delivered to it. I’m certain I could work around this by duplicating instruments in HSSE onto different slots using other MIDI channels and using either the internal mixer or sending out to several outs and handling levels in the Cubase Mixer but I’m looking to avoid unnecessary duplication.

The problem is surfacing when the second set of parts come in. Both sets of parts use channels 1/2 so when the second part comes in it resets the volume for the first part, which is already playing.

This place is such a great sounding board - I think I’m in the process of answering my own question here. Sounds like it can’t be done. I’m probably going to have to print to get the part-independent control I’m looking for.

Further comments welcome in the meantime.

Yup, just export the parts to audio, problem solved…

But that means I’m going to have to decide on a final version of the arrangement… :open_mouth:

I think, from messing around, that the MIDI Channel faders are just for the channel and don’t affect the internals of the HSSE,

That’s correct. Use the corresponding VST channels to control the volume. Unless I’m doing some midi processing I find it helps to hide the midi channels in the mixer. No need to bounce to audio.

Sometimes I’ll solo the midi and look down for the corresponding VSTi, by looking at the meters, and move the VSTi up next to it’s midi track which saves scrolling around the Arrange page to edit.

Thanks for that, Conman. Yeah, that’s pretty much how I’ve been working up to now, only this time I’ve got this arrangement that shares channels. Which is cutting corners, really. I think I should really set up two more sections in HSSE on separate MIDI channels, at least for now. I’ve just printed the audio and already spotted some changes I need to make for the Tuba (now I can hear it properly!). I reckon I can also make better use of the articulations. Also, with so much going on, all with exactly the same sound (albeit panned), it’s a bit flat and featureless.

Right, that’s it then, gotta bit of work to do. Tomorrow. I’m gonna have a beer right now. Theakston’s OP should do the trick. Now, where’s my bottle opener…?

Cheers to all contributors,

PS: Maybe you can answer this one: why, once I’ve moved a MIDI fader, can I not get sound back once the fader is back to OFF? Even a MIDI reset doesn’t restore it and I have to draw in (and then delete) a Volume Event.