Advice on audio interface configuration

Looking for some advice. I vary rarely use Cubase I want to do some basic recording. I have a Steinberg UR22 audio interface (which I’ve always struggled with) but anyhow in this instance I’m not using that to record.

I’ve recorded some music on my keyboard (directly onto the keyboard itself, to MP3) and also video recorded it using my iPhone. I’ve then imported the video file and the audio file into Cubase and want to match them up. In order to hear the audio in cubase, I have to plug my headphones into the UR22 since it’s the only audio device Cubase recognises. From there, I matched the audio/video so they were in sync, and exported it. When I then plugged my headphones back into my normal device (optical out into my hi-fi) the sync was slightly different.

My instinct is that I should be able to listen to audio out from Cubase via my normal device, not via the USB Audio Interface, but it won’t let me do that. Is that even the right approach, or should you do everything through your audio interface? I believe I setup the audio interface optimally when I got it (it’s set at 512 samples, input 16ms, output 19ms).

Whenever I do feel like using Cubase and try to put something together I always run into timing/sync issues fairly quickly and give up…is it my settings, or my audio interface, or something else?

Hi and welcome,

What exactly do you export? Just the audio, or the video with the audio included?