Advice on Audio Pool


Im always changing my templates - usually ill start making a song with all the groups set up from the previous project ive been working on and just delete all the content, then start a new track. Problem with this is when i go to back up a new project all the audio from loads of previous projects is still in the pool - so i end up with project files which are about 3gigs in size.

How do i back up a project and only keep the parts which are in the sequencer and not the pool (hope that makes sense) Thanks

Have a close look at the backup project pop-up menu, and thoroughly read the different options… If in doubt, refer to the manual.

My 1st post on the linked topic explains how I create a template and relates somewhat to a project backup too. It’s is definitely confusing especially if you keep saving templates from previous projects where you did not clean out the audio pool before saving the project as a new template.

When starting a new project from a template, generally speaking , you want to start with no audio in the pool. Also, you want to make sure that each project starting from that empty template is saved to it’s own location. This keeps things nice and tidy and does not result in a massive audio pool with clips from many projects.

Also, be careful when deleting audio as the audio might be related to older projects.

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