Advice on collaborating with Reaper user

Hi, could anyone suggest what the best/most efficient way of doing collaborative work with a Reaper user is? Reaper doesn’t import export AAF, so that’s not an option. We’ll basically be building tracks together, so trying to work out best method. ANy advice welcome. Thanks

How I do it with Studio One (I don’t do it as often as I used to as it is kind of a PIA). Much easier to purchase hardware that includes a free version of whichever DAW you want.

I share separate audio tracks rendered as .wav audio files. Make sure each .wav file is rendered from the same starting point and, (may not be necessary but, can’t hurt) share project Time/BPM information beforehand.

I share midi data tracks only. Again make sure all tracks (midi & audio) are created from the same starting point. Almost always I only share midi data tracks when the same 3rd party VSTs are loaded on each DAW.

For me, once the tracks are “built”, the last to touch it gets to do the final mixing.

To be honest, except for a few simple projects, most of my collaborations on different DAWs never turned out to be the best. But, I hope you have better results. :wink:

Have fun.

Regards :sunglasses:

One word: AATranslator -

(okay, that’s one word and one URL)

AATranslator is not perfect of course, neither are OMF or AAF, but given those kinds of limitations, I’ve used it successfully to help out projects on several DAWs, including Reaper.

Many thanks. My collaborator using Cubase isn’t an option, so I think either I use the route you’ve suggested or I get a copy of Reaper for this collaboration…Thanks again

Thanks I’ll take a look at this, appreciate the reply.