Advice on hardware

Getting back in after a long time. Looking for advice on best laptop / OS to run Cubase these days. Prefer Mac for other dev work but remember having issues with Apple bludgeoning digital audio with their OS upgrades in the (somewhat distant) past. I’ll need limited live multi-tracking (live rhythm section work still pays some of the bills) but mostly for sequencing, sound design etc …

Thanks for any info. Apologies if this is too vague for this forum I’m back to newb status.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The new Macs with the M1 or M2 processors are just great.

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Apple still kill things with os updates but the new Ones are the way to go. Laptops seem to be the most difficult to get to work right and this comes from someone who uses a desktop pc. My next machine will be a Mac.

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I haven’t had any issue after macOS update for very long time. Of course, I don’t install the X.0 versions.

At the other hand I have seen several issues after Windows auto updates, which are hard to avoid.

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Agreed and windows laptops do seem to be worse

Thanks for the info. I’ll go with mac and stay behind the OS upgrades.