Advice on Humanizing Sequences in Cubase

I’m currently working on a project where I have a sequence of 16th notes spanning 4 bars.
My goal is to give these notes a more natural feel, rather than having them strictly adhere to the grid. While I’m aware that manual adjustments note by note is an option, I’m curious if there’s a more efficient method within Cubase to achieve this.

I am kind of know about the swing function in the quantize settings, which adds a great feel, but I’m exploring if there are other ways. Are there any specific functions or tools that you use to push the realism further in your midi sequences?


You can use the Quantise panel and set the Random value there. Or you can use Logical Editor to randomize the position value a bit.

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Got it . Thank you .

Here’s a couple.

I recommend randomizing by a small amount multiple times rather than a larger range only once. Doing it this way will result in a more natural bell-curve distribution around the starting value.

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Although randomize kinda does it - real musicians don’t play randomly (well, at the start of the night at least)

We talked about using the old style “humanize” grooves from the old Cubase here:

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