Advice On Using Ampero Control To Trigger Actions In VST Live

I have an Ampero Control Midi USB Bluetooth Controller to use for starting & stopping songs on stage which I am trying to configure in VST Live. I have plugged it into my laptop via USB, & I am seeing this in my Connections tab:

I have setup my Ampero so that footswitch 1 in this case is sending a CC midi message over channel 1 with a data start of 27:

Then in VST Live under Actions, I have set the Start action to be assigned to use the Ampero Control device for Midi In, & set the Channel & Data From settings to match:

It seems to not be doing anything. I am fairly new to the midi controller game…can anyone provide some insight to what I might be doing incorrectly, or even better, some instructions on how to setup an Ampero Control unit so work with VST Live actions?

Best way to find a solution is to post a question…as soon as I posted I tried selecting the Midi Status, & it turns out that you need to select Controller, & voila, the Data From & Data To values change as well. And that made everything work: