Advice Please - updates for older systems?

Hi everyone

Maybe someone here has the same issue, or can offer some advice. Here’s my situation: after a lengthy hiatus, I’m heeding the call to come back into the music-for-media realm. The latest version of Cubase I own is 6.5. The machine I’m working on is maxed out to Big Sur as the most recent compatible OS, and I’m not in a position to buy a new machine. So, Cubase 6.5 is too old for this OS, and this OS is too old for CP 13. I just missed CP 12, which was compatible with Big Sur, but that update now seems to be unavailable across the board.

If I purchase the CP13 update, will this give me access to installing earlier compatible versions? Is there a way to purchase the CP12 update? If not, what do I do? What would YOU do?

My alternatives are to a) switch to Logic Pro, which retails new for the same price as the latest Cubase update - but I’m not sure if I’m going to stick with Apple much longer tbh. Or b) Reaper, which is essentially free, but not really designed for media composing. Ableton Live (which I also own) supports video but again lacks some core features for doing the work at hand.

Thanks in advance for your input…


Yes, with Cubase 13 licence, you can start Cubase 12 too. You will also get Cubase 11 (Not upgradeable) license to your eLCC, which you can use with Cubase 11 and older versions.

And you can also try to install Cubase 13 to your system. It’s not officially supported, but most likely it will work.

I would go for the update to Cubase 13.