Advice wanted regarding midi control of volume fader

Hello people …

first time on the forum here. Im using cubase elements 8

I would like to fade in my tracks by midi control of the volume fader

Im using a basic m-audio midi keyboard (oxygen 25 4th gen)

But I have no idea how to link my fader / midi knob to the volume fader on the selected track …

Is there any way for me to easily fade in a track??

Best wishes from Ireland, Samuel

Hi and welcome,

Use Devices > Device Setup > Generic Remote Device, please.

As the source (upper part), learn the MIDI Controller, which is transmitted from your hardware. As the target (lower part), set:
Device: Mixer
Channel: Selected
Value: Volume.

Martin … thank you so much for replying!! You’ve just added a whole new dimension to my music.

Best wishes from Ireland, Samuel