Advise on audio editing tutorial Cubase 10

I’m gradually weaning myself over from Sonar to Cubase 10, which is totally amazing. Cubase has so many ways to do things that I’m a little afloat. I was pretty adept in Sonar, but the options in Cubase seem so much easier, although I don’t know which way to turn. I’m starting an audio edit of a classical piano piece that has many stops and takes, since it had to be recorded in sections. 4 tracks of piano mics. I’m thinking that there must be a better tutorial than what I find on the Steinberg YouTube channel, since this doesn’t have to be done in a hurry and I can use it to learn more about the various audio editing tools in Cubase. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Do you mean you’re editing multiple takes of 4 microphones recorded simultaneously?

Yes. 4 mics on one piano. Pretty common. Multiple takes. Not sure what that has to do with a tutorial…

You asked about a tutorial didn’t you?

Yeah, and so far nobody has suggested one. WTF?

So. Nobody needed a tutorial to learn editing in Cubase 10.
Okay. Let me try this. How would you go about editing an audio recording of 4 tracks, not to click? Also not recorded sequentially…in other words, the end of the piece was recorded first, then something in the middle, etc.

Let me see if I have this right: All of you just stick some loops on and edit by quantizing, then maybe sing a bit and use pitch correction? Hard to know why there is no help on this forum.

No of course not.

But your questions are kind of ambiguous on what you specifically looking for and what you have tried. Have you looked at the Steinberg videos on YouTube, looked at the items in the hub, googled “audio editing Cubase” If not then that’s an obvious place to start. But if you have and still need more info, ya gotta tell folks what.

Vague questions often result in vague answers & frequently no response.

Thanks, Raino.
Yes, I had done the tutorials and looked up “audio editing Cubase”. That’s why I came to the forum. With no help, I just did the same process I was adept with on Sonar.
Somehow I just imagined there might be some different tricks or faster ways on Cubase. Not really sure how I could have been more precise in describing what I was trying to do.

You can place the 4 tracks into a folder and then enable group edit mode. This allows you to edit all 4 tracks simultaneously with the selection tool and range tool.

If you’re looking for tutorials on Cubase I’ve used and They’re pretty in depth. Good luck!

This is exactly what you’re looking for:


Thanks, guys. Will check that tutorial out. Probably was a good thing no advise came, because I just had to dig in and learn the dang program. The folders idea helped.
I appreciate the help!