Hi All,

I am in the process of setting up a good studio without compromises, and I will spend some money in it. At the moment I am considering plug-ins (I have Cubase 5) to allow me all necessary audio processing at pro level. I am a bit confused though as to what I should look at in terms of limiters, compressors and rest. Could you please advise?


If I were you I’d start out with what Cubase has got to offer. You’ll find just about everything you need. Actually I kind of regret that I didn’t take that route myself. I installed all kinds of demos and freeware and just got lost in the wilderness. Not to mention all the bloat and crap that filled my box.

That said, here’s what I couldn’t live without (in no particular order): EQ, compressor, deesser, reverb, delay. I’m into rock/pop, but if I did house/techno/electronic stuff I’d probably want to add some stuff.

Learn the Cubase tools and get a workflow going, then you’ll know what you need to take it to the next level.

What level are you?

Personally the free stuff is what I cut my teeth on, at that point I did not know whether they were good or bad, I only knew music then.

Then you start to learn, ears get better, and you use the free stuff as a base for where to improve.

Trusty free stuff that is, not stuff downloaded from the ghettos of the nets. Take a look at Computer Music magazine’s CD. Everything you need is right there, and they keep it fairly current. I ask what level you are as I know suggesting the magazine could be taken as insult for some. Also, not knowing what level, we don’t know whether to suggest that you learn the basics, or suggest that you go for a UAD solution (that would be my suggestion :smiley: best quality in my useless op)

We all use em’ and they are fun to discuss so you should get plenty helpful responses to weigh.

Universal Audio UAD-2 Solo
LA-2A, 1176LN, Pultec EQP-1A, RealVerb Pro

let say you want stay with native plugins :

Console/Tape : Slate Digital VCC & VTM
EQ/Dynamics : RND Portico Bundle
Reverb : Relab LX480
Delay/Modulation/Filters : SoundToys Native Effect Bundle

with this I think you’re ready to do some really good job !

Or if you wanna go with DSP stuff : UAD2 (choose the plugin you want buy, all very good)