advised controller for HALion5

hey guys, does anyone feel a good controller for HALion5 would be a major leap for Steinberg? or not really?
or what do you guys use?

In general editing, the keyboard/mouse combo is about as good as you’re going to get. H5 is very deficient in key command availability though. There are multiple FRs for increased key command functionality.

From an interface control standpoint, many of us have asked for CMC integration, especially for the QC, but even the TP could be cool for the sample editor if the controls were mapped for that purpose. The PD works as a MIDI device, but not F control. Again, many FRs asking for this integration.

From a keyboard perspective, just about any MIDI keyboard works well with Halion. I have several with varying amounts of pots, sliders and keys and they all work without issue.