AES/XLR problems with RAYDAT Hammerfall

Hi! I have a RME Hammerfall Raydat card and I have used all the ADAT channels and the MIDI channel successfully. Recently I bought an Avalon preamp that I would like to connect to the AES/XLR input of the RAYDAT card, but I get no sound. I have eliminated that the problem is in the cable from the Avalon unit to the breakout cable of the RAYDAT card, as when I am using the same cable and connect it to a regular mixer I get sound. I do however not want to pass the signal through the mixer preamp and would like to go directly into the RAYDAT card. Is there some kind of setting I am missing here? Should it not be just hooking up the cables and tune in on input channels 33 or 34??? I can’t get any signal to show in the RAYDAT mixeer and thus no sound in the Cubase mixer either.

Which input is the RayDat set up to receive AES/SPDIf signal from

The Avalon preamp is outputting analogue signal. You can’t plug it into AES/EBU digital input. (Unless it’s some totally new Avalon model which I’m not aware of, but I doubt it).