AES67 Compliance

I just bought Nuendo12, because I found out that dolby atmos features in Nuendo12 is really cool.
However I have problems connecting my soundcard to Nuendo

I am using HORUS and NUENDO, over AoIP with RAVENA/AES67 protocol
Is there an issue to use AoIP soudcards, because Nuendo12 seems no to like it, The MAD (Merging Audio Device) driver is read from the studio setup menu, but no connection, can anybody help me, thanks alot

Make sure to use the ASIO driver.

Yes, I run MAD, the merging ASIO driver, which work fine with other DAWS, like Ableton and Logic, but I cant patch the Nuendo 12 to Horus and ANUBIS

What are you doing? Screenshots?
Does it work with other interfaces?

It does work with Pyramix14, Protools12 Ultimate, LogicxPro
Merging as their own ASIO Driver, they call it MAD Merging Audio Driver for Windows and VAD Virtual Video Driver for MAC

Maybe I try to reinstall and install everything from fresh, by the The Nuendo12 is sitting on the same computer that Pyramix is installed.