AFF import filtering options

We need them.

In Pro Tools we can choose what parameters to include in the import, and the filter can then sort out some that we don’t want.

I keep getting AAF files where editors have exported using AudioSuite rendered effects which effectively chops off any handles the clips/regions may have had. In Pro Tools I can choose to ignore these effects which then gives me the handles. It would be incredibly useful if we could get this choice as well.

Same goes for clip levels and automation levels.

In addition to this we should have the ability to offset the start time code of the .aaf content.

In PT it is very useful to be able to do so on some projects. If, for example, I have a set of 30 second commercials that consist of similar content, i.e. the same VO talent and the same music, it is often convenient to string them out on the same timeline rather than have the spots “stacked” vertically. In PT all I’d do is import the first spot as it is delivered, for example to 01:00:00:00 (actual program material start), and then offset the start time code of the next by for example 2 minutes, having it start at 01:02:00:00. And so on.

This is actually the case today; a set of 6 TV commercials that are virtually the same, where stringing them out horizontally helps.


+1 on TC offset and also for filtering clip levels and automation level data.

+1 actually it’s even the protools like “start time mapping” option we need in addition to the offset.

And by the way we should be able to choose what to do with the tracks we import, at the minimum exactly what protools does.
Map, overlay, replace, which parameter to translate or not, etc…

A must have, especially when it’s sometimes buggy to open multiple large sessions at once to copy / paste what we need…


this is actually something we have on our roadmap. It will not make it in Nuendo 6.5, but
probably it will be available for 7.