After 20 Minutes of trying: Cannot download any Cubase 10 (pro) trial

How can I test the program, when there does not exist any trial?
I ended up buying Cubasis on IPADos and I liked it, before I used FL Studio.
So I wanted to try out cubase 10 pro.
Well, I had to register - done.
I had to register to this forum separately - done.

When I try to click on “Test Cubase 10 for 30 days”, I must accept receiving the newsletter first. Done.
Then I click on “Go to Cubase 10 Elements website” (in fact, I’d like to try out pro, but o.k.)

I click on “Donwload Testversion”. (Yes, I tested, that I am still logged in)
Then, a new tab opens, where I get back to the point, where the website asks me to test Cubase for 30 days - and so on.

Are you serious?

I am thinking of investing around 600€ and I cannot download the trial version?

What about the E-Licenser? Do I need it for the trial version and how long does shipping take? What if I work a lot and if I am not home very often?

Kind regards.

Hi and welcome,

If you want to try Cubase Pro, you need an USB-eLicenser, which costs some money. If you don’t want to invest to the USB-eLicneser, you can try Cubase Elements. Its license sits in the Soft-eLicenser, USB-eLicenser is not needed.

I have just tried to download Cubase Pro 10 Trial and it works to me here. Do you already have MySteinberg account created?

If you activate your Cubase 10 today and Cubase 10.5 will be released tomorrow, you will be allowed to download Cubase 10.5 license for free thanks to Steinberg Grace Period, which takes aprox one month back from the release date. At least it was like this in the several last years. No one here on the forum knows, what exactly the release date is. For more details see this thread, please.

Depends on where you order it, and who ships it…

Then you Need to find a solution, just like all those other People who work a lot and are not home very often… :unamused: