After 3-5 years- need help arranging files

I finally started arranging my files. And have fears about the projects splitting up and not working properly if i put them all in one folder. Here’s what i have. Windows10 Pro-Cubase Elements10-2 ssd drives-one c/: drive for system 250gb and one E/: drive for projects 2tb. I’m pretty sure there’s already a post on my problem but i think the gear(drives) and system I’m using has something to do with the file setup.In a general consensus way of thinking, how would you rearrange or “straighten” out the files?

I’m not sure really what your problem is. In what way are your files poorly organized?

What type of work do you do? Is this for work or pleasure?

How do you use Cubase/Nuendo?

Only thing I’d say is make sure you back up your data. Out of everything that can go wrong not backing up is the absolute worst.

Put in new ssd and moved things around with knowing. After i did the move i got new messages from cubase.
I’m using Cubase Elements 10 at home as a hobby.C/: 250gb-project E/: 2tb.
I just want all my projects and everthing connected to them put in E/: in a Cubase Elements Projects folder.

Sorry, I still don’t understand.

Just move your projects where you want them. If files aren’t found then relink to them using the appropriate dialog box when you open a project. If you want to consolidate media there’s a function for “archival” or “backing up” in at least Nuendo. Check the manual for your version of the software.

I just had fears that if i simply moved all of my Cubase Elements Projects- projects or ideas into a new or already named folder that maybe the audio files would move somewhere else on their own. I got pop ups or messages in the File-New Project window after i click on a project in that window. It says “file no longer exists”. I just want them neatly tucked into my new E/: drive under a Cubase Elements Projects folder from the C/: drive.