After 701 install eLicenser shows.... ?

After installing the 701 update, I have something in my eLicneser control center under licenses that says…

All applications
Steinberg, Non-Movable, remaining time : 24 hours, 32 min 21 sec…

I have already Licensed Cubase 7, and it’s KEY is shown on the eLicenser as well as this new timed License…
Excuse my ignorance here folks but do I need to re License Cubase 7 after installing the 701 upgrade?
Or is there something else from Steinberg I need to license I am unaware of now?

So confused… Please advise… Thanks

Hmm. Maybe its about 21.12.12 ? :wink:

I almost hope that it IS about 12/21 rather than dealing with re Keying software… :wink:

Anyone else?

Check out this link, which explain the 25hours license that comes with a new dongle


Do you have any other licenses on your USB Key?

Yea i have some Arturia synths there but they have not been messed with as of late…

Ahhh thanks SLL. I just read the link u posted and I see that the time on my dongle has not changed since i posted this request. Looks like it got added because of the 701 patch, but since Cubase 7 is already registered with a key its not counting down on the dongle… It would have been less confusing for me had eLinceser read my dongle, seen the Cubase 7x key and then not added the 24 hour countdown… That is, if I have all this right now lol… :blush: :smiley:

How about Elicenser cleanup?

Tried that before asking here- it didnt remove it…