After a lot of free warp the display of some parts get totally out of sync with audio reading

I had to restart on a backup because some of my guitar recorded audio parts I have tried to adjust doing free warp seem to be totally broken : when I was reading them the wave display was totally out of sync of what I was hearing, display being near one bar late from sound.
The problem seems to began when I started receiving the unfamous warning poping quite often ‘Realtime Algorithm has been Deactivated’.
Then I get another warning, I not sure to have understood, asking to make a copy, continue or cancel the positioning of a warp marker because this part of the audio file was already used ???
It has been the end, no way to recover but using a backup.
In one track, some parts were ok and some others broken.

Cubase 12 is powerful but it must be driven carefully especially concerning the combination of recently added features as multi track (in folder) editing, free warp, working on lanes comping and may be select+range usage.

Some bugs are hidden in these new features, hopfully they will be solved… and I will learn the safe ways.