After a while I can't quit Cubase

It happens that when I export a project to audio or I leave a project a bit too long and come back to it later that I have to kill Cubase to be able to close it.
The surprising thing is that Cubase suddenly no longer has access to my licenses (I nevertheless took care beforehand to relaunch e-licenser).
How come? How do I restart Cubase without having to restart my system?
Lincence to kill

Not sure why your issue is happening, but Cubase 12 doesn’t use the eLicenser; it uses the Steinberg Activation Manager (software based). Make sure you have the latest version of the SAM and launch and check the status of your software there.

Sure, SAM is up-to-date, the issue is that doing a kill process, there’s no dump file generated that could be sent to the support :man_shrugging:

same problem because the network always has to be connected. This time Steinberg has failed, nice program but it must be reactivated with KEY, I always have many of these blessed problems.

This is not correct. You should start a separate topic about your issue, and read the documentation

I get the same problem after a freeze. End task, then restart, it scans a bunch of licences which it can’t find some of but Cubase does start after clicking ignore. Then close Cubase, restart and I get No Cubase licence found and that’s it, forced to close. Restart PC only way to fix it.

Please start a new topic.