After AudioWarping Project Ruler shows bars with huge number 14000


I just did an audio warping for a track and now it shows bars from 14868 to 15323? what is going on?



Are these Bars and Beats? Is the Ruler set to the Bars & Beats?

To me it seems it’s related to your other post here. Are the similarities? Is it in the Sample Editor window only?

The rulers have a mind of their own.
I always have an additional ruler set to time (mins & secs) in my projects, and it will often just randomly change to showing samples without any input from myself!

I think this is a serious issue

How the user know what notes or Segment he/she is warping!


Could you provide step by step repro with an example project, please?

I guess, it would be easier for me to share the project. The track had several version ( resulted from cycle recording) and I had done VariAudio and then AudioWarping. This only happens in Sample Editor when It is open in another window and not in the zone.


I see, this might be it.

If you record in cycle, you create one long file. All records are in this one file. When you open Sample Editor, you get the whole file available (not just the selected Audio event). Therefore you can see a long timeline.

Yes. But I don’t think I cycle recorded 15000 bars of solo violin in two days. It is 14000 * (3*(1/120)) or 350 minutes for a 3/4 music. Not sure. I will give that another try later to see what happens to the Sample Editor when It opens a cycle recorded track!