after burning Audio CD w/ text

What program(s) does a person use to be able to recognize the cd correctly images all the cd text information onto the cd. When a cd, (created using Wavelab 8.5), is imaged onto a blank disc then re-inserted into the computer and read as an audio encoded cd, how will I know if the cd was correctly identified? Some trouble follows when I use the file > import > audio cd, command. There is always the ISRC codes listed but never does the computer operationally decode the coded cd text information. This use to work on an earlier version Wavelab 8, and as of right now, there is no encoding happening currently on my system. Obviously a standard redbook cd requires unchecking the “w/ text” hash mark but suppose a user wanted to image a master without going through the hassle of submitting freedb/gracenote type of information in order to have all the text show up right when the disc was slotted into a computer or cd player.

Most consumer apps (iTunes, Windows Media Player) cannot read CD-Text. DDP and audio CD cannot contain artwork unless it’s a special “Enhanced Audio CD” but even then, iTunes and WMP will not connect enhanced CD with the artwork you normally see from albums that are officially and properly submitted to Gracenote.

It’s important to consider CD-Text and metadata as two separate things that are not related though you think they should be.

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I think jperkinski’s explanation covers all the answers for CD Text and Metadata reading, but if you’re also saying Wavelab is not doing what it used to do when importing CDs, I would check the Options tab in the CD Import dialog to make sure the Extract CD Text checkbox is selected. Also, quite a few major label CDs have ISRC and UPC but don’t have CD Text, so that might also be what you’re seeing if you have Extract CD Text checked and you’re still not seeing titles.
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If you want to verify CD Text and ISRC/UPC in another program after burning, I would suggest Media Monkey (Win only). Turn off Freedb in the options to ensure you’re not reading internet titles. CD Text is displayed in the main window and ISRCs can be displayed by right-click Properties then the Details tab. Maybe XLD on Mac could do the same.

Wikipedia has a list of programs that read CD Text, but I doubt that many of them also read ISRC/UPC for verification.