After changing Mac, error message displays

Dear helpers,

Since I change Dorico to another Mac, an error message displays every time Dorico need to save automatically the file.

I went to Preferences > Files > Save projects. I choose : koenraad > Library > Application support > Steinberg > Dorico 3 > Enregistrement automatique.
But the message always appears. The previous user was koenraadmoreau

Thank you by forehand.


The problem is that the auto-save path, which is saved in the Preferences.xml file, isn’t available on your new computer, and you’ve presumably copied the Preferences.xml file from your old Mac to your new one. You can either trash the Preferences.xml file and let Dorico recreate it, or you can open it in a text editor and try to fix the auto-save path in there manually.

Thank you very much Daniel, its resolved !
Indeed, I copied the Preferences.xml from my old Mac.