After comping

Hi guyz

After using the comp tool on say 3 vocal recordings.
And after delete overlaps.
How do i audio edit the entire comped recording, without having to go through all the origial parts?

And maybe a related question:
How do I audio edit the three tracks before comping. I can only work out how to do the last recording.

Hope it makes sense

Best regards

Cubase 13 pro
Windows 11

Hello Ulrik,
I am not sure I fully understand your question, but this can maybe help: after comping (and other types of editing) I always do a “bounce selection”, so that I get a fully new audio file with the edited audio, even when it comes from different source audio files.

And a good practice -for me, at least- is to create a new “track version” inside the track, so that I have quick access to the original audio, in case I need it.

That is exactly it!
Thanks a lot, that really helps me out.