After Condensing, staff couldn't click or edit

Hi everyone, I have a question about condensing. I noticed if I condensed like 2 flutes to one staff, then I couldn’t click or edit anything on the that staff on page view, I have to go to gallery view to do things.

Is there a way to approach that? Right now it’s kind of annoying if I want to add time signatures, brackets or dynamics, I have to change view every time.

Thanks for all the help!

That’s by design. Condensed staves are visual representations, and cannot be edited. You’ll need to wait to condense until after you’ve finished composing, or switch to Galley View.

Thanks dankreider! Then how could I add brackets in gallery view? It always switch to page view…

Brackets across staves? You need to be in Engrave mode. And you should be able to multi-click-select.

I am in the engrave mode, but I couldn’t click those condensing instruments so I have no clue how to add brackets now, and I can’t switch to gallery view either

You can’t view Galley in Engrave Mode.

Click on one of the bar rests in the top staff of the desired bracket, then Ctrl-click to select a bar rest in the bottom staff of the bracket range, and add the bracket from the side panel.

Sorry dankreider I still don’t understand, since I couldn’t click anything on the condensed staff at the first step, how can I do the rest?
Like those winds, I don’t know how to click them in engrave mode

Try selecting the clefs.

Not working either…

Hmm, you’re right. I can’t select the bar rests in Engrave mode. I can select notes on the staff.

This seems like a limitation that should be eased. I don’t know how one could add a custom bracket if the condensed staves in question contained only rests.

Temporary solution: I went to the Setup page to exclude one pair of winds from condensing, and I could add the brackets, and then I include them back. Really unnecessary move actually…

But thanks anyway! Please let me know if you have better solutions

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You can click the notes if you’re in Engrave mode. You don’t need to be able to select full bars.

Edit: ignore me, Graphic Editing was selected.

If the staves are condensed, you actually can’t select the bar rests in engrave mode. I didn’t expect that.

Corrected - you’re right.

Even if there are no notes present to select, you can in fact select the barlines like so, then bracket them.

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And how could I add brackets in the gallery view? Seems it automatically gives strings brackets. If other sections also have that it will be so much easier to read. Thanks

Typically as long as Layout Options > Brackets and Braces > Ensemble type is set to “Orchestral” Dorico does the brackets correctly anyway. I would have thought that if you delete the Bracket and Barline changes you have, you’ll get the correct result.

(Edit: Leo posted whilst I was writing but “I started so I’ll finish”)

I’d check in Layout Options > Brackets and Braces that none of the defaults give you what you want first before handling brackets manually. You can’t change brackets in galley view because you can only change brackets in Engrave mode, and Engrave mode (because it deals with how things look on the page) only ever appears with page view.

Once you start handling brackets manually, it’s best to work left-to-right as a bracket/brace change applies until the next explicit change or the end of the flow.

I am transferring my orchestra works from Sibelius to Dorico by using XML, not working a new piece on Dorico. So suddenly there are so many basic questions show up.

If you do Edit-Change Instrument, that should reset the instruments and the bracketing. (In Setup mode)